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Befriending Ourselves in the Midst of Change: Three Simple Practices

In the midst of personal growth feelings of uncertainty and doubt often arise and are to be expected in the face of the unknown. Herein are simple encouragements to support your staying on course as you take risks, learn new habits, and move toward realizing your aspirations.

First, take time each day to reflect and be with yourself without distractions. The ‘how’ of reflection time is wholly subjective. Most importantly, it is a time to be open to feeling, thinking, and just being with yourself.

Second, journal for a few moments each day. Collect your thoughts and capture your observations about the world and yourself. Keep refining and articulating what you really want in your life and where you want to be going.

Lastly, cultivate coaching conversations with yourself that are gentle and encouraging. Become your strongest ally and coach that is available regardless of what is occurring in your life. Speak to yourself as if you were speaking with a dear friend you admire, respect, and care greatly about.

Reflection time, journaling, and coaching yourself are ways to befriend and be intimate yourself. It takes time to pause in the midst of change. Often the emphasis is on doing and accomplishing. It is also an opportunity to notice patterns of how you approach change; how you hesitate and how you follow through. Be patient and gift yourself the space to witness and listen to your heart each day with reflection time, journaling, and coaching yourself.

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