April 19, 2020


  • What are some things you’d like to process? What is causing you distress in your life? What would you like to work through? 

    • Ex: stress related to relationships, recent breakup, sexual assault, death of a loved one...etc. 

  • What do you want...

April 19, 2020

Seeking a way to relieve anxiety, energize your spirit, and find more inner peace?

Are you open-minded and interested in trying less traditional modalities of healing?

Give Vibrational Sound Healing a try.

So what exactly is Vibrational Sound Healing?

Think about how your...

Hook your family on oats by following these innovating tips.

Are your kids eating enough whole grains? Current Dietary Guidelines show that kids of all ages fall short of not meeting the recommended daily value for whole grains. Parents, this include you, too! According...

When I look out my window each morning, it is different but the same as it was two months ago. I still see our beautiful downtown skyline, our Willis Tower reaching up to the sky, and the Hancock standing strongly not far in the distance. What makes me pause is the lac...

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April 19, 2020

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